Megan + Brian | Westin Hotel Buffalo Wedding

How we met and how he proposed: “Brian and I were classmates starting our first year in medical school together when we first met. I was leading a medical mission trip to Haiti and both Brian and his mother, a pediatric nurse practitioner, were members on the trip.

Brian and I had finally finished our applications for residency and we went out to dinner at the Terrace on Hoyt Lake to celebrate. We usually don't go out to dinner at formal restaurants so he had his mother send us a "congratulations" gift card to cover the expense of dinner so I wouldn't be suspicious when he decided to get the best of the best on the dinner and wine menu. After dinner we went to walk around Hoyt lake when he pulled me aside by the water and popped the question.”

“We planned a wedding for the middle of June 2018 right before we planned to move to Pittsburgh to start our new medical residencies. We decided to have the ceremony at Christ the King Church, Brian's home parish and where he attended school up until high school. We decided to have the reception at the Westin in downtown Buffalo because we loved the space and wanted to highlight the awesome downtown Buffalo that I had come to love over the past 4 years.”

Megan’s emotional moment of the day (among many!): “Around 11:30 or Noon on wedding day as I was finally getting my hair and makeup started, Michelle and her assistant came to the house to start the day and the fact that everything was starting to happen so quickly was like an emotional wave that came over me. I started to cry, happy tears, but due to the overwhelming excitement, nervousness, and disbelief that this day was finally here.”

Megan and Brian recalled a big highlight of their day: “I think I can speak for Brian and myself when I say we had the best time out on the dance floor. Specifically, I loved the last three songs of the night "Piano Man", "Sweet Caroline", and "Shout". Shout out to our live band, Party of Nine, for helping us throw a great party.”

What went through your minds when you saw eachother for the first time?: “I distinctly remember feeling my heart beat out of my chest as I waited in the back room with dad waiting for all 8 pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen to walk down the isle before it was my turn. I also visibly recall the overwhelming sense of peace I felt when I made it to the end of the isle and was able to stand next to Brian.”

What do you love to do together? “We like to embark on small new adventures together like learning to make homemade dumplings, and embarking on small old adventures like kayaking, jet skiing or going for walks in Silver Creek at the Killeen Family Cottage.”

Now that they’re pros at wedding planning, Megan and Brian offered a tidbit of advice to other engaged couples planning their wedding in Buffalo or anywhere: “Take wedding-planning-free days at least once a week or you may go crazy.”

Megan shared some truly sweet words with us about their experience with us! Love you too Megan! You’re a pretty incredible human as well! “She was so great to work with from the first minute to the last song on the dance floor. She put me at ease through the whole process and there was nothing I needed more than a comforting and fun to be around human on my big day.”

Venue: Westin Hotel Buffalo

Invitations/Stationery: Minted

Hair and makeup: Bella Paolini, Salon a Go Go, and Chez Ann Salon

Megan’s Dress: Bliss Bridal

Brian’s Attire: Marty’s Formal Wear

Floral: Maureen’s

Cake/Dessert: Wheatberry

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Erika + Russell | Buffalo Central Terminal Engagement Session

When I first made contact with Erika, it was all by email. They were living in Pittsburgh and planning an engagement session and looking for the perfect Buffalo photographer to capture the opening of their wedding story, their engagement. I believe you just KNOW when you find your people. I had this gut feeling that I was just meant to work with these two. And I wasn’t wrong. When we finally planned the date and the location, it was as if everything aligned perfectly. The locations, the light, the chemistry. We clicked as if we were old friends. Russell is big time into architecture so their dream was to be able to get into Central Terminal, an architectural icon and masterpiece in Buffalo. Well, it happened, and we had so much fun in the terminal and on the grounds. Erika is more the nature girl in their relationship. So we chose Times Beach for it’s tranquility and simplicity. And the light when we arrived there?! Incredible. The kind of light photographers drool over! I love this collection of images we captured. You can feel the love shine through and it’s my hope you truly FEEL the love and connection between them in every photo. Cheers!

Welcoming Benjamin | Buffalo Newborn Photographers

When I was approached by our longtime friends to do their newborn photos, I answered back with one question: what type of photos are you looking for?  A newborn photographer I am NOT.  BUT a lifestyle photographer I AM. They simply wanted to capture this time in their life.  They were so in love with this tiny human they just brought into the world they didn't care as long as this time in their life was documented.  I approached them with an idea.  How about a documentary style newborn session?  No frills, no fancy backdrops.  Just the two of you and your sweet babe living REAL LIFE.  I want my photographs to document life as it happens, not life the way we think it should be. Diaper changes, snuggles, nursing and all.  Let's capture you at home, in your comfort zone, your safe place and the space you feel most close to.  They were on board instantly with no convincing.  Thus launched my documentary newborn sessions.  I arrived on a sunny, late afternoon in March to the Gerevics' home.  I remember it was the day before we departed on our family vacation for Florida.  The late afternoon sun was beaming into their home.  I walked in and was immediately greeted by Abby and Yogi, their two lovable dogs.  I made sure to give them some attention because I know how animals can be when a baby comes into what was once their domain!  Kaileen and Ryan were snuggling on the couch with Benjamin.  I immediately recognized that look.  I connected so strongly with the feeling of loving exhaustion I felt from them.  The "I'm so tired but he is just so awesome" feeling.  YES!  That one!  I immediately popped a lens on my camera and started shooting.  No expectations.  Just authentic moments between two people and the life they've created.  Watching friends we have known for a long time in this new role was especially touching.  These are the images I wish I had with my children.  The early days are so foggy, such a blur.  Life is moving so quickly and you're learning about eachother one step at a time.  I channeled that emotion and desire to go back in time to capture those early days for myself to create organically and spontaneously.  To capture the details I know I myself would have appreciated and in turn, give my clients the images I know they will look back on and be thankful for even only a couple years down the road.

This session was relaxed. Real. And filled with genuine joy and emotion.  It was the epitome of parenthood and what it's truly like to become parents.  The connection only a mother feels to her newborn baby.  The profoundly surreal feeling when you look at your child in the flesh and think to yourself "I cannot believe I created this and I cannot believe he's actually here, in my arms.  Perfect in every way imaginable." It was inspiring and brought me the connection I have been seekign ebtween my passion for empowered birth, motherhood and photography.  I know you will enjoy these images because they speak volumes of truth and love.