Beautiful Fall Day...Beautiful Family! The Cancelmi Family

This Fall season has granted us some wonderful and rare weather conditions.  We have had beautiful 60 degree fall days, leaves still on the trees, sunshine...of course this means opportunity for some really great and fun photo sessions!  I am learning more and more as my career progresses how much I ADORE photographing children!  Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to run around with some really cool kids and capture their fun and spirited personalities for a family photo session.  We have known the Cancelmi's for a long time.  I grew up with Jen, I'm pretty sure she may have even baby sat for us a few times!  So it was my pure joy to photograph their 4 children, Alec, Anthony, Adam, and Aiden as well as a few family photos too.  The Cancelmi's are a beautiful family full of love and laughter and it is evident how much joy surrounds their relationship everyday.  I made it my goal to capture not only the purity of their love as a family through photography but also the individuality of each child that brings that warmth and love.  Here are some of my favorite shots from their day!