Grace Ties it up with Ribbons & Bows

In the past year, I have not only fallen in love with photographing weddings but I have gone head over heels for photographing children.  There is something about their innocence and their willingness to play that makes them so fun to capture and, they remind us so easily of what really matters when we're going through our day to day.  I could probably spend countless hours with each child just capturing them playing and being themselves.  This holiday season, I had the pleasure of capturing little Grace in all her leaps and bounds.  I think anyone will agree she is absolutely ADORABLE!  I set up the "studio" in their livingroom and just let her go wild.  It was so fun to capture Grace's every move as she played along with Rudolph and Clarice and had a ball rolling around and throwing the ornaments.  She kept asking to "see the baby" on the camera screen and as soon as she did, without fail, everytime, she clasped her hands and grinned from ear to ear because she knew who was in the picture! (makes your heart melt!) We got some great shots that day and they made a cute Christmas card too!!!  Here are some of my favorites from Grace's session!