Dave & Crysti

Sunday, April 1, 2012 was anything but what the weather prediction was.  It was chilly, rainy, cloudy, and even hailed a couple times.  But, we didn't let a little yucky weather get in the way of having an awesome engagement shoot, in facet, we used it to our creative advantage.  "perfect" pictures are not necessarily taken under what most people consider to be "perfect" conditions....sunny blue skies, maybe a few fluffy clouds.  I love the opportunity nature lends me as a photographer to get creative for the couples and families I work with, especially when it comes to the less than perfect conditions!  It is in those sessions where I often get some of the sweetest shots!  I had a blast running around Buffalo with Crysti and her fiance Dave.  They had such a magnetic chemistry that was adorable and it came across undoubtedly in the images we captured.  You guys look like models!  Not to mention they're flexibility and willingness to try new ideas.  From Anderson's Ice Cream to Spot Coffee to a run down and vine covered brick building, city hall and Gates Circle, this engagement has Buffalo all over it!  Seeing these two together just gets me hyped up for their November 2012 wedding!  Enjoy!