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When I reflect on my career as a Professional Photographer thus far, I think constantly about how lucky and blessed I am to work with whom I'm convinced are some of the nicest and genuine couples on the planet.  Marie and Tom were no exclusion.  As a photographer and an artist, I am very attached to the story, the meaning behind every move and every detail.  It ultimately plays an important role in not only connecting my couples with their images but also in pulling complete strangers into the story and invoking a sense of connection.  In my belief, then, a picture becomes a photograph: something of deeper meaning beyond the surface of the paper.  I can't tell these stories without chemistry between a couple and Marie and Tom are FILLED with it!  Which of course had the camera shooting a mile a minute as these two beamed at each other in adoration :)  I love it!  Sweet, simple and everlasting.  These are the words that come to mind when I think about Tom and Marie's wedding.  Tom and Marie have been together for a number of years so typing the knot was a much anticipated event for both of them and without a doubt, the biggest moment of both of their lives thus far.  Tom is adorably smitten for Marie and watching the two of them interact is truly a treat.  THIS is the magic I talk about, the sense of unpredictability and wonder that unfolds on a  wedding day.  It creates beautiful imagery that tells the couples story and sets the stage for the next chapter.  With that said, let's begin.  We started the day with some getting ready with the girls at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center in Getzville.  In addition Marie and Tom wanted to do a first look (love!) and the grounds gave us plenty of great space to do so.  I've said it before and I will say it many more times:  I love first looks!  I get goosebumps EVERYTIME that magic little tap on the shoulder happens and a couple sees each other for the first time.  Marie and Tom's was funny and sincere.  I recall a moment where Marie stuck her tongue out to Tom and he threw his head back laughing.  Classic moment.  The ceremony and roof-raising party took place at Banchetti's Grove and this crowd filled the floor!  The day was truly a dream for Marie and Tom and I truly enjoyed working with these two.  Enjoy some of our favorite shots from the day!

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