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Gina and Mike's wedding tops my charts for best weddings of 2014.  This crew was an absolute blast to work with and they were up for anything in the name of Gina and Mike.  Now THAT'S a wedding party to be proud of!  Gina and I met a little over a year ago over a cup of coffee to chat about her plans and details for her big day.  As I listened to her swoonfully talk about her wonderful fiancé Mike whom she had been with for a number of years and excitedly spill all the fun details she was planning for the wedding, I silently thought to myself "I HAVE to work with these two!!!"  Gina and Mike booked and so began our journey.  We had a DYNAMITE engagement session last October at Akron Falls State Park with raging fall colors and nature all around.  They were naturals and after that, I had no doubt their wedding day was going to be effortless :)  The day began as most of my wedding days do with the girls getting ready.  This is my favorite part of the day with all the excitement and anticipation building up for the walk down the aisle.  Their ceremony took place at the beautiful St. Mary's in Lancaster.  We stopped at a fave spot of mine, Tifft Nature Preserve, for some breathtaking photos of Gina and Mike.  We ventured out onto the boardwalks for a good portion of our time together.  It was hard to know when to stop!  Every move these two made together was seamless and full of love and adoration.  You can't help but fall in love watching these two interact with each other.  Mike's complete and total devotion to Gina is infectious with each embrace they share.  It is truly magical.  My heart melted several million times.  Their reception took place at the Webb at Pearl Street and man did they ROCK it!  If you haven't checked this venue out, you have to!  It really is one of Buffalo's gems!  please enjoy their wedding day story, full of love and emotion pouring over.  It was such an honor to work with you two and your families.  I look forward to our time together in the future as your love continues to grow!


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A STUNNING gown from Victoria's Bridal Shoppe with this accent piece added that I ADORE!  It was perfect for Gina!


Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0009Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0010

Gina's mom specially decorated and did a makeover on Gina's old bedroom to create a "photo worthy" space for Gina and the girls to get ready in!  I was floored!  And it was perfect!!!  It was so worth it!!!  Go mom!!!


Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0011Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0012Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0013Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0014Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0016Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0017Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0018Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0019Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0020Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0021Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0022Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0023Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0024Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0025Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0026Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0027Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0028Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0029



Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0031

Mike was a little nervous but calm, cool and collected.  You could tell he was ready and eager to meet his bride! Adorable!


Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0032Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0033Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0034Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0035Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0036Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0037Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0038Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0039Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0040Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0041Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0042Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0043Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0044Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0045Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0046Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0048Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0049Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0050Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0051Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0053Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0054Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0055Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0056Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0057Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0058Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0059Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0060Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0061Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0062

The shiny floor was awesome at St. Mary's.  It made for some really cool reflective shots throughout the ceremony.


Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0063Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0064Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0065Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0066Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0067Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0068Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0069Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0070Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0071Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0072Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0073Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0074Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0075Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0076Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0077Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0078Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0079Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0080Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0081

So in love.


Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0082Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0083Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0084Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0085Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0086Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0091Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0088Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0089Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0090

Some quick and fun shots on the Buffalo Waterfront.  Everyone got silly!


Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0092Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0093Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0094Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0095Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0103Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0096Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0097Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0100Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0101Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0102Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0104Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0105Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0106Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0107Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0108Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0109Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0110Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0111Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0112Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0113

This is my favorite shot of the entire evening.  The lighting, the colors...all enhance the mood and what is going on between these two.  The room was silent as these two shared their first dance together.

Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0114Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0115Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0116Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0118Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0121Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0119Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0120

Nothing is more special and everlasting than the love between dad and his daughter. Emotion (and laughter) was not spread during Gina's dance with her dad.


Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0122

Mike and his mom took to the dance floor and whirled each other around laughing and enjoying the moment.  It was so fun and sweet to watch :)

Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0123Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0124Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0125Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0126

And THEN, the dance floor opened to everyone and there was no hesitation to get the party started!


Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0127Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0128Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0129Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0130Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0131Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0132Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0133Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0134Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0135Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0136Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0137Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0138Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0139Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0140Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0141Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0142Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0143Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0144Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0145Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0146Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0147Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0148Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0149Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0150Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0151


Rockin’ Professionals who made their day possible:

Venue: The Webb at Pearl Street

Flowers: Pretty in Pink

Dress: Victoria's Bridal Shop

DJ/Entertainment: Moving Music

Cake: Just Say Cheesecake



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