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When I met Kate and Chris about a year ago, they captured me with their sweet and easy-going style and of course cute relationship.  They were planning their wedding at a local venue fave, Kloc's Grove.  I have shot at Kloc's several times but what i love about this location is no matter what, the photos never end up the same.  I was excited to help make Kate's vision come alive for a low-key yet elegant day with some unique images and simple style.  The day started at the salon (fun!!!) with the girls in the morning where everyone was getting pampered for the day.  The process of getting Kate's hair ready was amazing and the result was flawless.  I am always amazed at how stylists and make up artists can do so much.  I wouldn't even know where to begin! :)  It was a relaxing afternoon as we took the opportunity to do all the family photos before hand, all while keeping Kate and Chris from seeing each other for a little traditional touch.  This made our time pose-ceremony a breeze!  Their ceremony was beautiful with a few tears from the groom (makes me sniffle) and our time together after the ceremony produced some stunning, STUNNING images.  You can truly feel the love and warmth emulating from these photographs.  These two are just a beautiful, elated, and adorable couple and I was so lucky to be the one to capture their day!  Here are some favorite shots from their collection.  Thank you again you two!  You are AMAZING!!!!!

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Rockin’ Professionals who made their day possible:

Venue: Kloc's Grove

Dress: David's Bridal

DJ/Entertainment: Kloc's Grove

Cake: Theresa Marasco

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