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After a crazy cold and snowy winter, I was more than ready to shed the winter blues and hop a plane to open my busy wedding season!  Destination: Chantilly, VA for Kelly and Greg's wedding.  I have known Kelly since college and when she asked me to photograph her wedding last year, I had to say yes.  This was my first time traveling for work and doing a "destination wedding" and I have to say, I loved it!  Kelly and Greg planned an early spring wedding to be held at the beautiful Sunset Crest Manor in Chantilly.  Mid 50s and abundant sunshine were in the forecast and not a drop of rain in sight!  Seriously pure wedding day perfection for a wonderful couple.  To top it all off there was a glorious sunset painted in the sky for us that we definitely took advantage of to get some really cool shots.  Check them out at the end of the post.  Kelly and Greg it was so easy to see you two are perfect for each other and I wish you all the happiness in the world.  I had a blast capturing your day and thank you for bringing me all the way to Virginia to tell your wedding story.  Without further ado: Kelly and Greg!

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What girl doesn't love shoes?!?!?  These purple pumps were a perfect, saucy touch to Kelly's wardrobe for the day.

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There is so much action in these shots of Kelly getting ready I love it!

Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0021Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0022Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0023Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0026Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0027Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0028Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0029Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0030Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0031Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0032Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0033Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0034Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0035

Nothing but smiles!

Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0036Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0037

The officiant accidentally called Greg, Mark...Everyone laughed including Kelly and Greg.  Sometimes it's the quirky little moments that you look back and laugh at along with all the great memories made throughout the day.

Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0038Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0039Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0040Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0041Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0042Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0043Buffalo NY Wedding Buffalo...IT WAS SNOWING!

Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0045Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0046Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0047Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0048Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0049Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0050Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0051Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0094Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0053Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0052Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0054Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0055Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0056Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0057Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0058Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0059Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0060Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0061Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0062Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0063Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0064Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0065

Party time!!!

Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0069Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0070Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0071Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0072Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0076Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0073

One of my all time favorite shots of the bride and her dad during their dance.  Kelly's dad was quietly emotional and had the rest of us misty eyed on the sidelines.

Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0074Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0075Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0077Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0078Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0079Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0080Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0081Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0082Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0083Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0084Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0085Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0086Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0087Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0088Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0089Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0090

Seriously folks, she knew ALL THE WORDS to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" IMPRESSIVE to say the least!  She rocked it!

Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0091Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0092Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0093Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0066Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0067Buffalo NY Wedding Photographers_0068

Rockin’ Professionals who made their day possible:

Venue: Sunset Crest Manor

Flowers: Karin's Florist

Dress: David's Bridal

DJ/Entertainment: Metro DC DJs

Cake: RSVP Catering





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