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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Jenny and Eric to capture their wedding day in Rochester, NY.  Being a Rochester native myself, I am always happy to photograph in a different city and especially a place I have roots in.  This wedding was particularly special because I knew both the bride and groom.  We all went to high school together and as college does to all of us, we went in different directions, staying up to date on each other's lives through social media.  When Jenny contacted me asking me to photograph her wedding, I was honored to say the least.  I've experienced a lot as a professional photographer and I have to say, having the opportunity to capture the wedding days for some of my friends and acquaintances from growing up has been a unique and awesome experience.  It really puts into perspective how much we have all changed over the years and how far we've come.  Enough reminiscing though.  Let's get down to the important details, our bride and groom and their spectacular wedding day!  These two GET IT.  There's no doubt in my mind they were simply made for each other.  Every moment was theirs and happened flawlessly and without effort.  They let their natural chemistry and rhythm take charge of the whole day and when this happens, it's truly magical.  I could have photographed a session with them all day!  Oh wait, I did!  I felt so much happiness in my heart and for the first time, I cried on the job with the presentation of one of the most emotional moments of my career thus far.  They planned the perfect day from a first look at Charlotte Beach along Rochester's waterfront, to the ceremony in our hometown, to a fabulous reception at the Plantation Party House.  I hope you enjoy these moments as much as I enjoyed capturing and sharing them and that their love and happiness inspires you.  Cheers!


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Jenny memorialized her mother by placing her picture on a table at the alter during the ceremony.  This family photo is the most special and emotional photos I have ever taken and one of the greatest honors I have had as a photographer.

Rochester NY wedding photographers_0051

The evening light was to die for at the Plantation Party House!  We snagged our family photos as well as some more fun wedding party shots during cocktail hour.

Rochester NY wedding photographers_0052Rochester NY wedding photographers_0053

These girls kept me laughing all day and were happy go lucky, down for anything!

Rochester NY wedding photographers_0054

Guys, you were pretty cool too I guess ;-)

Rochester NY wedding photographers_0055Rochester NY wedding photographers_0056Rochester NY wedding photographers_0057

The gazebo had all these little heart cutouts on the sides and I was excited to snag this shot!


Rochester NY wedding photographers_0058Rochester NY wedding photographers_0059

Just a perfect couple, Jenny and Eric were all smiles ALL day and made each moment seen so effortless.


Rochester NY wedding photographers_0060Rochester NY wedding photographers_0061Rochester NY wedding photographers_0064Rochester NY wedding photographers_0062Rochester NY wedding photographers_0063Rochester NY wedding photographers_0065

Ah!  Sooo many beautiful, PERFECT moments to share from these two!


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Giving one of the BEST toasts I have EVER heard (and I've heard A LOT!), Eric's best man Matt had us laughing with little presents for Jenny to open and "facts" about Eric to go along with each gift.


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Our crew from high school.  It had been 12 years since some of us last saw each other.  No high school reunion necessary!


Rochester NY wedding photographers_0101Rochester NY wedding photographers_0102Rochester Wedding Photographers 2

Our last shot of the night under the big willow tree

Jenny and Eric, I had an amazing time working with the two of you on your wedding day and I hope it was all you imagined it would be and more.  Congratulations again and thank you for letting me be a part of the beginning of your next chapter!






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