Alyssa + Steve | Fox Valley Club | Buffalo Wedding Photography

Alyssa + Steve | Fox Valley Club | Buffalo Wedding Photography

Alyssa and Steve were married at the beautiful Fox Valley Club in Lancaster, NY.  These two were ready for the biggest celebration of their lives and the entire day was filled with excitement and energy.  Their wedding party was awesome, with family and friends hand picked by Alyssa and Steve to stand by their side as they said "I do"  These two planned everything to the last detail and had a gorgeous summer day to set the mood for their celebration.  And did I mention the party????  These guys KNOW how to do it!  I have never seen so much dancing by nearly everyone in attendance!  The dance floor was filled to the brim every moment of the night, giving way to some great shots of everyone enjoying themselves and celebrating a truly fantastic couple.  Cheers to Alyssa and Steve!  Enjoy!


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buffalo wedding photographer_0005

Alyssa and her sisters


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We headed to the Fox Valley Club to get ready.  I had a lot of fun capturing these images as the girls prepared for the first look.

buffalo wedding photographer_0013buffalo wedding photographer_0014buffalo wedding photographer_0015buffalo wedding photographer_0016

Yes, those are fanny packs you see.  Steve personalized fanny packs for each of his groomsmen.  Epic.


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Time for the first look on the lawn!  These guys were characters for sure!

buffalo wedding photographer_0022buffalo wedding photographer_0023

Talk about sweet:  Steve simply could not wait to see Alyssa!


buffalo wedding photographer_0024buffalo wedding photographer_0025buffalo wedding photographer_0026

Love their wedding party cheering them on in the background.


buffalo wedding photographer_0027

Alyssa, Steve and their adorable son Stevie!


buffalo wedding photographer_0028buffalo wedding photographer_0029buffalo wedding photographer_0030buffalo wedding photographer_0031buffalo wedding photographer_0032


Time to get married!

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We hopped in golf carts and headed back to the old barn at the back of the course for some shots of just Alyssa and Steve.  We literally had about 25 minutes to take these photos and we got some beautiful shots!  Couldn't have done it without these two rock stars!

buffalo wedding photographer_0046buffalo wedding photographer_0047buffalo wedding photographer_0048buffalo wedding photographer_0049buffalo wedding photographer_0050

The suspended pull is great!


buffalo wedding photographer_0051buffalo wedding photographer_0052buffalo wedding photographer_0053buffalo wedding photographer_0054buffalo wedding photographer_0055buffalo wedding photographer_0056buffalo wedding photographer_0057buffalo wedding photographer_0058buffalo wedding photographer_0059


We headed back in for an epic reception!

buffalo wedding photographer_0060buffalo wedding photographer_0061buffalo wedding photographer_0062buffalo wedding photographer_0063buffalo wedding photographer_0064buffalo wedding photographer_0065

Each table had a bucket of tiny liquor bottles so everyone could take a shot for the toasts.


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Rockin’ Professionals who made their day possible:

Venue: Fox Valley Club

Dress: M.A. Carr Bridal

Flowers: Dash's Market

DJ/Entertainment: Chase Entertainment

Cake/Cupcakes: Sassy's Sweets (candy bar cupcakes) & Muscoreil's (wedding cake)


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