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Buffalo Wedding Photographer

Finally!  Some time to catch up and give this poor baby of a blog some photo love!  I am making a severe understatement when I say how excited I am for this next post.  So, I will put it out there honestly:  I am beyond THRILLED and ECSTATIC to share this gorgeous wedding and super special couple with everyone.  What a trull magical and inspirational day we had photographing Christyn and Bryan's wedding in Ellicottville at Holiday Valley Resort.  These two found me in the early spring looking for a photographer for their wedding and once we met, I knew it was a  match meant to happen.  I simply could not wait to work with Christyn and Bryan.  Laid back. Sweet. Fabulous chemistry. And a love and respect for the arts that matched mine.  Just a couple weeks after our adventurous engagement session at Letchworth State Park (Post here!) we headed to Ellicottville for the big day.  Let the fairytale begin...

We started the day with some preparation.  My favorite part of the day.  I was with the girls at The Edge Hair Salon for hair and makeup.  Such a cute little place!

Buffalo wedding photographer_0001Buffalo wedding photographer_0002Buffalo wedding photographer_0003Buffalo wedding photographer_0004Buffalo wedding photographer_0005Buffalo wedding photographer_0006Buffalo wedding photographer_0007Buffalo wedding photographer_0008Buffalo wedding photographer_0009


Jessica Jean was on hand for makeup, working her magic and I have to say, she did some of THE BEST bridal makeup I have seen.  Christyn's makeup was flawless and beautiful!

Buffalo wedding photographer_0011Buffalo wedding photographer_0012Buffalo wedding photographer_0013Buffalo wedding photographer_0014Buffalo wedding photographer_0015Buffalo wedding photographer_0016


Meanwhile, my second photographer Becca was hanging with the guys...Bryan had cufflinks for each of his groomsmen with superhero logos

Buffalo wedding photographer_0017Buffalo wedding photographer_0018Buffalo wedding photographer_0019Buffalo wedding photographer_0020Buffalo wedding photographer_0021Buffalo wedding photographer_0022Buffalo wedding photographer_0023Buffalo wedding photographer_0024Buffalo wedding photographer_0025Buffalo wedding photographer_0026Buffalo wedding photographer_0027Buffalo wedding photographer_0028Buffalo wedding photographer_0029


Time for Christyn to get ready to walk down the aisle.  I am in love with her bridal portraits!  That light!!

Buffalo wedding photographer_0030Buffalo wedding photographer_0031Buffalo wedding photographer_0032Buffalo wedding photographer_0033


The backs of bridal gowns are my favorite.  It was Christyn's favorite part of her dress and who could argue?!  Complete with tiny crystals, the beaded buttons were stunning and classic.

Buffalo wedding photographer_0034Buffalo wedding photographer_0035Buffalo wedding photographer_0036Buffalo wedding photographer_0037Buffalo wedding photographer_0038Buffalo wedding photographer_0039Buffalo wedding photographer_0040Buffalo wedding photographer_0041Buffalo wedding photographer_0042


An emotional first look with mom and dad.  This one had us in tears.

Buffalo wedding photographer_0045Buffalo wedding photographer_0046Buffalo wedding photographer_0047Buffalo wedding photographer_0048Buffalo wedding photographer_0049Buffalo wedding photographer_0050Buffalo wedding photographer_0051Buffalo wedding photographer_0052Buffalo wedding photographer_0053Buffalo wedding photographer_0054


Time for the ceremony!  Christyn and Bryan chose to go unplugged of their ceremony, asking guests to refrain from taking photos on their cell phone or personal cameras to preserve the sacred beauty of the ceremony and have everyone's full attention.

Buffalo wedding photographer_0043Buffalo wedding photographer_0044

Buffalo wedding photographer_0055Buffalo wedding photographer_0056Buffalo wedding photographer_0057Buffalo wedding photographer_0058Buffalo wedding photographer_0059Buffalo wedding photographer_0060Buffalo wedding photographer_0061Buffalo wedding photographer_0062Buffalo wedding photographer_0063Buffalo wedding photographer_0064Buffalo wedding photographer_0065Buffalo wedding photographer_0066Buffalo wedding photographer_0067Buffalo wedding photographer_0068Buffalo wedding photographer_0069Buffalo wedding photographer_0070Buffalo wedding photographer_0071Buffalo wedding photographer_0072Buffalo wedding photographer_0073Buffalo wedding photographer_0074Buffalo wedding photographer_0075Buffalo wedding photographer_0076Buffalo wedding photographer_0077Buffalo wedding photographer_0078Buffalo wedding photographer_0081Buffalo wedding photographer_0082Buffalo wedding photographer_0083Buffalo wedding photographer_0084Buffalo wedding photographer_0085


These two, AH!  They just melt my heart.  The light (or "beautiful filtered light" as Christyn and Bryan learned :) ) was PERFECT!  Can you feel the love???

Buffalo wedding photographer_0086Buffalo wedding photographer_0087Buffalo wedding photographer_0088Buffalo wedding photographer_0089Buffalo wedding photographer_0090Buffalo wedding photographer_0091Buffalo wedding photographer_0092Buffalo wedding photographer_0093Buffalo wedding photographer_0094Buffalo wedding photographer_0095Buffalo wedding photographer_0096Buffalo wedding photographer_0097Buffalo wedding photographer_0098Buffalo wedding photographer_0099


My favorite shot of the day :)

Buffalo wedding photographer_0100


Party time!

Buffalo wedding photographer_0101Buffalo wedding photographer_0102Buffalo wedding photographer_0103Buffalo wedding photographer_0104Buffalo wedding photographer_0105Buffalo wedding photographer_0106Buffalo wedding photographer_0107Buffalo wedding photographer_0108Buffalo wedding photographer_0109Buffalo wedding photographer_0110Buffalo wedding photographer_0111Buffalo wedding photographer_0112Buffalo wedding photographer_0113Buffalo wedding photographer_0114Buffalo wedding photographer_0115Buffalo wedding photographer_0116


Before the rest of the formal dances, we headed outside to capture the sunset

Buffalo wedding photographer_0117Buffalo wedding photographer_0118Buffalo wedding photographer_0119


One of the best father daughter dances I have witnessed, this one had me wiping tears from my eyes as Christyn and her dad serenaded each other as they danced.

Buffalo wedding photographer_0120Buffalo wedding photographer_0121Buffalo wedding photographer_0122Buffalo wedding photographer_0123Buffalo wedding photographer_0124


Bryan had a special dance with his mom and birth mom, something truly special to witness.  There was so much love filling the room!

Buffalo wedding photographer_0125Buffalo wedding photographer_0126Buffalo wedding photographer_0127Buffalo wedding photographer_0128Buffalo wedding photographer_0129Buffalo wedding photographer_0130Buffalo wedding photographer_0131


Time to get down and dance!  This crowd knew what to do!  DJ Miles Patterson kept the floor rocking!

Buffalo wedding photographer_0132Buffalo wedding photographer_0134Buffalo wedding photographer_0135Buffalo wedding photographer_0136Buffalo wedding photographer_0137Buffalo wedding photographer_0138Buffalo wedding photographer_0139Buffalo wedding photographer_0140Buffalo wedding photographer_0141Buffalo wedding photographer_0143Buffalo wedding photographer_0144Buffalo wedding photographer_0145Buffalo wedding photographer_0142Buffalo wedding photographer_0133

Rockin’ Professionals who made their day possible:

Second Photographer: Becca Sutherland

Venue: Holiday Valley

Hair: The Edge Hair Salon

Makeup: Jessica Jean

Flowers/Decor: WNY Event Decorators/The Balloonery

DJ/Entertainment: DJ Miles Patterson

Cake: Dessert Deli




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