Involving Friends and Loved ones in Your Wedding Day-10 Creative Tips on How to Make it Happen!

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You've set the date, chosen your perfect venue, and picked out the BEST professionals to handle the details of your wedding day.  Chances are one of the first items you took care of after getting engaged was choosing your wedding party.  So What about all the friends, family and loved ones who AREN'T in the wedding party?  Want to involve everyone in your day?  Easy!  There are so many great ways to have those near and dear to you feel special and play an important role without being in the wedding party!  We will share some of the top tips and ideas!

  1. Ask them to do a reading or share a special talent during the ceremony or reception.  So many couples have friends and family with musical talent.  So this is a great way to involve that person and make them shine!Best Wedding Photographers Buffalo, buffalo wedding photographers, Becker Farms wedding photos, Buffalo wedding photography, Buffalo NY wedding photographers, Western New York wedding photographers, best wedding photographers in buffalo, buffalo wedding photography, summer weddings in buffalo, buffalo wedding photos
  2. Not enjoying the planning process as much as you thought? Perhaps there's something you are avoiding because, well, you just don't want to do it.  We all have that person in our lives who seems to be extra good at multi tasking and planning.  Assign them with these tasks and tell them to run with it!
  3. Turn ordinary tasks on your to do list (cake tasting, wine tasting, dress shopping, etc.) into a party.  Who doesn't love a party?!  Invite your friends over to your home for a cake tasting party to choose the dessert for your reception.  have a wine and game night to choose what wine will be served on your tables.  Everyone invited feels they played a part in your day AND you make some fun prenuptial memories!
  4. Have a mom or mother in law who is just a little TOO hands on?  Let them plan the rehearsal dinner or a bridal tea!  They get some time to get to know eachother better and feel special at the same time.  Plus it gives them something to focus on!  Let's face it: Moms tend to try and control the details because they love us so much!
  5. This one I LOVE!  Incorporate a friend or family member's wedding accessory into your wedding ensemble.  This doesn't mean you need to wear your mom's dress from 1983.  Unless that's your thing then go for it! But perhaps a friend was married recently and you can use her veil.  Or you can incorporate grandma's pearls or handkerchief.  This is also a wonderful way to memorialize a family member who has passed on and carry a little piece of them with you when you walk down the aisle.
  6. Gone are the days of being hyper traditional and brides are moving towards a more modern approach to their ceremony especially.  I have seen this at several weddings I have photographed in the past couple of years and I love it!  If your father is walking you down the aisle, why not ask your mom to do so as well?Buffalo wedding photography, buffalo wedding photographer, wedding photographer buffalo, rochester wedding photographer, wedding photographer rochester ny
  7. Have some ladies or gents that are too young (or even too old!) to be in the wedding party?  Have them hand out programs or usher guests to their seats.
  8. Bride's especially (and grooms too!) tend to have a longer line of friends out the door and unfortunately, you just can't include everyone in the wedding party for one reason or another.  Why not ask the group of friends that maybe you couldn't include to bestow a blessing on the rings during the ceremony.  You feel you've involved them and they don't feel like they're just another guest.  It's a win-win!
  9. Ahhh the invitations.  Invite your friends over for an afternoon or evening of fun and good laughs and get those invites done and in the mail!
  10. Invite them to get ready with you on the big day.  a nice way to involve your girlfriends especially!


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