Josh + Amanda | Buffalo Engagement Photography

Let's start the new year off right. I started my business with passion in my heart and an undeniable need to always be creating. As the years have passed and I find myself entering my 8th full season (when did that happen?!) I reflect on how my business and myself have evolved. This thing I do-photography-it's more than just a job for me. It's a vehicle to spread positivity and light to others. I love to tell the stories of the beautiful human beings that carefully select me to document their most cherished occasions and milestones. The images I capture and choose to share do so much more than show a pretty picture. They are proof that love and joy exist in this world. And THAT is all I need to keep inspiring and moving me to continue to serve as an artist and storyteller.

I hope you'll join me at least once a week as I share the stories of amazing couples and families right here on the blog. I look forward to not only sharing the stories of others but my story as well. I believe it's just as important for my audience and beloved clients (and potential clients!) to get to know who I am, what I do and why I do it!

I'm sharing the story of Josh and Amanda this evening.  A simple and beautiful story, Amanda and Josh met not long after Amanda came to NY!  The rest is history!  Amanda and I actually knew eachother previously so I was absolutely honored when she requested that I capture their engagement potraits.  Josh and Amanda selected Knox Farms State Park as their location.  The park means a lot to them, as they are there on a weekly basis with their pup, roaming the trails and enjoying quality time together.  It was a PERFECT fall evening.  I encouraged them to do a session not long before sunset for beautiful golden light and moody shadows.  Mother Nature did not dissappoint and neither did their chemistry.  Some of my favorite images I have created in a long time, their engagement session tells a beautiful story of natural love, devotion and warmth between two souls.