Perhaps the destination is within the journey.  Did you ever think about that?  It's always say to "enjoy the journey" and for good reason.  Because the people we meet and the experiences we are fortunate to have along the way change our lives forever.  Pretty profound eh? It's crazy!  Anyway, before I run off on a tangent, I say this thinking about the way Sean and Amanda met and where MY journey began with them.  These two literally fell into my lap.  My cousin and his fiance (now wonderful wife!) hired me in 2015 to photograph Sean and Amanda's semi-private wedding at City Hall in Buffalo.  We will call this their "first wedding".  Of course I was happy to do it but little did I know that Sean and Amanda would totally be my kind of people.  Sweet, fun, serious about all the right and important and good things in this world.  And incredibly devoted to family which is something I personally hold most high.  And these two are FUNNY and full of laughs! Fast forward 20 October 2017 and we are ready to do it all again but this time with a big celebration with family and friends at the Timberlodge.  When I think about how my time spanned with these two over nearly two years time, I'm filled with nothing but gratitude for the journey.  For these AWESOME human beings that decided to take me with them on this ride.  And man was it fun! 

Our day began with a first look which, if you're considering one even a tiny bit, DO IT!  More on this in a later post!  Amanda and Sean were amazingly tolerant of my nerdy ways as I dragged them all over the grounds of the golf course (well actually, we drove, in golf carts.  That was a first for me and A LOT easier than you'd think! HAHA!) stopping at so many beautiful spots to capture some magic.  The moments that flowed from these stops along the way gave us some truly beautiful, heartfelt and yes, even goofy moments.  One of the best moments of the day was when Sean said to me "so I brought my trumpet along I'm thinking maybe we can do some photos?"  Ummmmm YES PLEASE!!!  And here's the best part, Amanda didn't know until we started to take pictures.  She was over the moon!  Sean is a trumpet player and vocalist for an AMAZING hot and trad jazz band here in Buffalo called the Fredtown Stompers.  Seriously check them out!  They play weddings too!  Including something so personal in their photos gave us some unique shots special to just Sean and Amanda.  Something no one else has.  And it was so evident when he played that trumpet and Amanda started dancing, just how much joy and warmth these two bring to eachother's lives.  They are a perfect balance for one another and I am so happy they invited me to be a part of their lives.  I could keep going but then you'd need more coffee to stop your forehead from hitting the keyboard and, let's face it, I talk too much.  I know you're going to love these two after you check out their story.