Allie + Krissy | Buffalo Engagement Photographer

By now, most of my faithful followers are aware of my intense passion for deeper connection with my wedding clients. Just in case you’re new though, I’ll elaborate a bit more for you. As a photographer and foremost as a human, I have learned over the course of the past couple of years just how important it is to be the most authentic version of yourself possible. We are all given one go on this planet, so shouldn’t we make the best of it and be who we truly are. Find your values, live by them. Find your people, live life with them. This philosophy easily spilled right over into my business once I allowed it to and suddenly, I found my path crossing with the most incredible people. Individuals and couples who value human connection, the power of love, that love is love no matter who you choose, that photographs aren’t just pretty little rectangles meant to be stored in a box (although let’s face it we all have at least one box of pretty rectangles right?!) and that moments turn into stories, stories that are meant to be preserved and shared for generations to come. They are the most fun, energetic people who love their families and friends so hard it hurts. And my goodness to say it’s been unbelievable to watch this process unfold is a huge understatement. I’m grateful beyond measure.

Two of those beautiful people I met just by being in the right place at the right time. I remember when I met Allie and Krissy, they were meeting with my good friends at H&H Entertainment in the office next to mine. I came in for a usual evening of work. My door was open, so was theirs and I heard the most adorable, genuine laughter and warm conversation going on and thought to myself “wow they sound like super nice people!” I then heard Allie say “so tell us about this photographer girl!” I burst out laughing and said “this photographer girl is here!” We all shared a laugh in that moment. Allie and Krissy sat down to meet with me right there to discuss photographing their wedding. As we got to know eachother, it was like we were old friends. I knew I had to work with this couple and I literally prayed they would choose me as their wedding photographer. A few weeks later, they reached out with the best news. We scheduled their engagement session for all the spots they love and a fun city spot I hadn’t been to in forever! The elusive green garage door will always be famous in my books!

Our time together was nothing short of fun, authentic and connected. Their laughter was infectious. And they may not know it but they were total naturals in front of the camera. My engagement sessions are all about shedding what you think you should be or look like and being who you truly are as individuals and as a couple. Krissy and Allie definitely did that and their intimate collection of images tells a beautiful love story that’s about to blossom July! I can’t wait to document their wedding at Asbury Hall. Enjoy the highlights, thanks for stopping by and cheers.