Amy + Mike | Pearl Street Grill and Brewery Buffalo Wedding

Where do I begin with these two?! Amy and Mike were referred my way by two good mutual friends (and the mutual friends didn’t know eachother!) Proof that it is a very small world! We met initially over Skype as they live out of state. But I think I speak for all of us when I say we had a good feeling this was a match meant to happen after that meeting. Genuine, funny, emotional, appreciative…I could keep going through the list of adjectives to accurately describe this couple and still be searching for more words because it’s just not enough. I knew in my heart their day was going to be one for the books and from start to finish, it was nothing short of incredible. From one moment to the next, the strong positive energy was undeniable. It was the kind of wedding that I come home from, drop my bags and take a breath and say to myself “damn, is this really my life and what I get to do everyday?!” The images we captured that day are so indicative of the feeling that truly existed. Bright, saturated, and charged with love and emotion. And that’s the whole point. I know sitting here, preparing this post to share with the world, that these images immediately and vividly take me back to that day. And I don’t the same rings true for Amy and Mike. From getting married in the church that Amy grew up in, paying respect to their upbringing to choosing an iconic and on it’s way to becoming a classic venue for their reception, their wedding was proof that there truly is no place like home.

How we met:

“At bar on Valentine's Day 2014. Here is our story from our wedding website... It was a cold Friday night that also just so happened to be Valentine's Day. Amy and her good friend Kaileen (who was visiting from Buffalo), ventured out to grab some drinks at Spider Kelly's, a popular bar in Arlington, Virginia. Amy noticed Mike as soon as he entered the bar and was quoted saying "ohhh he's cute". Shortly there after, one of Mike's more "outgoing" friends came over and initiated conversation with Amy and Kaileen. Before she knew it, Amy was talking to the cute boy in the striped shirt! Amy and Mike discovered that they were both from New York and had grown up 3 hours away from each other. As the conversation continued, they found they had many other things in common. Amy and Mike had their first official date the following weekend and as they say, the rest is history...”

How Mike proposed to Amy:

“At home on a random Saturday afternoon (November 5th 2016) Here is our story from our wedding website... It was a quiet Saturday afternoon, at their home in Springfield, Virginia. Today was the day Mike had planned to pop the big question. Mike had been preparing for this day for quite some time. His preparation included a handmade scrapbook. Upon Amy's arrival home from her favorite store, Target, she was summoned to the living room. As she sat down, Mike pointed out the scrapbook that was waiting for Amy on the coffee table. As she turned the pages, Amy admired all of Mike's hard work. She quickly began to wonder what the purpose of the scrapbook really was. On the last page of the scrapbook was a poem and a picture captioned "Say Yes". Amy was stunned as Mike knelt down to grab the ring that he had hid under the couch. Amy quickly said "yes" amidst her shock. The couple celebrated with dinner at the restaurant where they had enjoyed their first date and a night out on the town in Washington D.C.”

One of Amy’s most emotional moments of the day was captured above:

“Hugging my mom after she helped me get into my dress...we both just stood there completely in the moment and shear emotion took over. So many memories, so many things that led to this very moment..I'll never forget it. AND Walking down the aisle to my hubbie of course..I attempted to hold back tears but wasn't too successful. I felt calm and happy, which I'm sure was evident from my ear to ear grin.”

Amy and Mike shared the type of wedding they decided to plan and more importantly, why:

“We planned a traditional catholic wedding ceremony at St. Amelia Church. I (Amy) attended St. Amelia's School from Pre-K through 8th grade. My family has been apart of St. Amelia's Church for many years and it was important to me that we be married there. Both Mike and I were raised catholic and we wanted to honor our upbringings. Pearl Street Grill and Brewery (a Buffalo Staple) was a no brainer. I've always loved Pearl Street and the setting went perfectly with our rustic/romantic feel that we were going for. It also provided an out door space with a great view, which was something we were looking for. “

How Amy and Mike felt when they saw eachother for the first time on their wedding day:

Amy-”Overwhelmed with emotion... but a sense of calm and just pure joy.”

Mike-”Emotional, happy, attempting to hold back tears.”

What do you most look forward to being married to your spouse?

Amy-”Being on this journey with him, from the hills to the valleys and everything in between. I look forward to continuing to push one another to be the best people we can be. I can't wait to start a family together and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.”

Mike-”Starting a family .”

Wedding planning may have been their life for awhile but Amy and Mike have plenty of other interests and activities they like to do together of course!

“Netflix binging, playing with our lovable dog Cooper, going to the gym, attending/watching sporting events (Go Bills!) . Just the simple pleasures....discussing our days over dinner, going back and forth over who will take Cooper out in the rain, spending time with family and friends..the good stuff!”

What is your favorite thing about your husband?

“His easy going and kind nature. The fact that he pushes me/questions me to be better, regardless of the topic (work, relationships, the gym). The way he takes care of me and Cooper. The fact that he is a true partner. “

What is your favorite thing about your wife?

“Positive, loving, caring, and beautiful.”

Amy and Mike’s advice to any couples planning a wedding:

“Always remember the bigger picture...what the day is REALLY about (marrying your person) and it will help to keep things in perspective throughout the process.”

Thank you Amy and Mike for sharing these sweet words about your experience working with my studio to capture your wedding day!

“She fit right in with our crazy bunch!!! I didn't feel like Michelle was a photographer, but just another family member (with mad good skills!!). She was extremely easy going but firm when necessary aka family pictures!!! She knew what our vision was and went above and beyond to make it happen. Michelle checked in on us frequently and made sure we knew what do expect, throughout the day she even gave us a pep talk on how to "cut the cake", which I most definitely appreciated :-)”

The incredible lineup of Buffalo Professionals who made their day possible:

Venue: Pearl Street Grill & Brewery

DJ: H&H Entertainment

Cinematography: 17 Video Productions

Invitations: Minted

Hair: Hairbyalyssamarie (Alyssa Decaro)

Makeup-Hannah Cicciarelli

Amy’s Dress: Bridal Chateau (Designer: Morilee)

Mike’s Suit: Kenneth Cole

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Florist: Maureen’s

Cake and Dessert: Meghan Kordrupel