Caila + Nick | Buffalo Winter Engagement Session

Caila and Nick have to be two of the sweetest people I have ever met. Fun fact: I actually photographed Nick and his family when he was just starting college a number of years ago. Now, here I am writing about his engagement! It always blows my mind the connections we make that later come full circle. We all were acquainted through mu husband’s fire department. Nick’s mom has been a very good friend of mine for several years and one of the nicest, most genuine and fun-loving women I have ever met. So, when Nick and Caila got engaged, she plugged my name to them (thanks Cathy!) And, I am so grateful she did. The three of us hit it off right away. Caila’s sense of adventure is refreshing and Nick’s willingness to go wherever as long as he’s holding Caila’s hand is a gentle reminder of all the things that are good in our world. These two beam when they are with eachother and their devotion and investment into their relationship us transparent. All I did was guide them. They made the sparks fly. After talking with Caila about her vision for their session and what type of couple they are, we settled on Tifft Nature Preserve for their session. A favorite location of mine in Buffalo. There’s an alluring, quiet magic about this place, I’m telling you. The sunset was important to them and symbolic of the start of this new chapter in their lives. The reason? Nick proposed on the beach in Florida at sunset! So incredibly romantic. We traveled around the preserve (which is a whole different world in the winter time) through the melting snow thanks to some unseasonable Winter temps in Buffalo, encountered some furry friends along the way who wanted to be in the photos too, and caught the sunset on the mounds. Perhaps my favorite part of their session though, was when I said to them “your outfits are PERFECT for a location I’ve been so excited to photograph! We’re going to this mural downtown. Ready?!” And they dove in with me and said “why not!” This incredibly gorgeous mural painted by Louise Jones (Chen) has been calling my name since it was painted. We played in the parking lot, letting the shutter fly, capturing some free-spirited, authentic, and unexpectedly beautiful images. The best part of all of this was Caila and Nick’s unwavering trust in my creative vision and intuition. We made some true magic that day and I am so happy to share this beautiful, warm session with you all.