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Sarah + Doug | Niagara Falls Wedding Photography

I personally believe that everything that happens to us and for us is for a reason. It’s all connected to the bigger picture in some way. And that may not always be clear to us right away but holding onto this personal value in business as well has allowed me to see a shift in business. I get to meet wonderful human beings like Sarah and Doug. Not out of chance but because life has a funny way of working out. I remember clearly our first conversation on the phone. Sarah’s voice was warm, friendly and calm. As we got to know eachother more and moved into the wedding day, everything fell into place and the three of us were easily cracking jokes as if we were old friends. From goose droppings getting on her dress (and me diminishing the stains with club soda! We inarguably agree with eachtoher that is THE funniest memory from their wedding day!) to joking that Doug looked like Mark Wahlberg, we laughed until our bellies hurt. I walked out of their portrait time feeling inspired and joy-filled. It was so effortless and authentic. And you’ll see why in these highlights: their connection is undeniable. Doug clearly makes Sarah’s heart smile and she obviously has his heart too. Plus I was able to sell her on cheesecake from Say Cheesecake for her wedding cake so she’s always a favorite in my book for that! Enjoy their beautiful story as told by them and some favorite images from their wedding day at the Sheraton Four Points in Niagara Falls!

How we met: Working together at FedEx in 2005

How he proposed: We were at home having dinner

Describe the type of wedding you planned and why?

“We wanted simple and convenient for our guests. I didn't want anyone to worry about anything other than having a great time. That is why we had such a small bridal party and the ceremony and reception all in the one venue.”

Describe the thoughts and feelings when you saw eachother for the first time on your wedding day:

“I came out of the building on my grandpa's arm and I told him to stop for a second just so I could take it all in.”

Sarah described her most emotional moment of their wedding day:

“The vows and our exchange of rings.”

What do you most look forward to being married to eachother?

“A lifetime of traveling!”

What do you two like to do as a couple?

“Travel. We never vacation the same place more than once.”

What is your favorite thing about Doug?

“He supports everything I do.”

What is your favorite thing about Sarah?

“Her pretty eyes!”

Do you have any bits of advice to offer couples planning their wedding?

“If you can afford a planner do it. Be sure to stop and just look around throughout the night!”

What was the best part of working with Michelle Day Photography to document your day?

“She was everywhere!” Thanks you two! I pride myself on my quick feet on a wedding day!

Sarah and Doug’s incredible wedding professional lineup:

Venue: Four Points by Sheraton Niagara Falls

DJ: Moving Music

Hair: Christine Conte (Vogue Salon)

Makeup: Stephanie Signorelli (The Makeup Parlour)

Sarah’s Dress: Tattler’s Lane Bridal

Doug’s Suit: Ike Behar

Bridesmaid Dresses: Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Florist: Sam’s Club

Decor: Boulevard Wedding Concepts

Wedding Cake: Just Say Cheesecake

Cookie Favors: East Aurora Cookie

Fireworks: Skylighters of WNY

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Rebekah + Zachary | Quincy Cellars Wedding

How did Rebekah and Zachary meet?

Zack and I met at college. He had graduated the year before and was in town to visit his cousin, Kait who was my best friend at the time. (She ended up being my matron of honor!)

How Zack proposed…

He took me to our favorite hiking trail ( which was also his moms favorite trail before she passed a few years ago), and got down on one knee half way through the hike. It was so intimate with just my parents and my brother there with us. And it felt like his mom was right there with us too. So special!

“We planned a rustic barn wedding. We are both very outdoorsy and wanted it to be simple yet elegant. “

“The day went by in such a flash that I feel like every moment was my favorite moment and then all of a sudden it was over! Haha but I think my favorite moment was walking into the winery and seeing everyone that we love, smiling and clapping. I felt so close to everyone and so loved.”

Rebekah reflected on how she felt when she first saw Zack at the end of the aisle:

‘Honestly, I saw him and had to look away so as to not cry the entire ceremony... I’m pretty sure I still did lol. All I felt was love and thankfulness that I was marrying such a wonderful man.”

Rebekah and Zack agreed on their most emotional part of the day. I’d say I agree as well! There was not a dry eye at Quincy Cellars in those moments!

“It was definitely when we were saying our vows to each other. Uncontrollable waterworks.”

“Being married to one another, we most look forward to having someone to share all of life’s crazy moments with.”

I absolutely LOVED Rebekah’s answer to the question of her favorite thing about Zack!

“I always find it funny when people are asked this question, like they can actually choose something about their spouse that is their favorite thing! There are multiple things that I love about Zack... they’re all different and together they create this person who is my favorite on the planet. So Zachary... he is my favorite thing.”

Even better, she answered for Zack since he wasn’t with her when she was answering this! Made me laugh and I know Zack agrees COMPLETELY with Rebekah’s answer!

“Zack is not with me while I’m writing this so his favorite thing about me is everything!”

What’s a wedding day without laughter and unforgettable, sometimes hilarious moments? Rebekah shared a moment I particularly remember witnessing (and documenting of course!) as her favorite (take a look at the images below!):

“When I had my last fitting, no one was able to go with me. So when she showed me where all the buttons and hooks were for my bustle I was out of the dress looking at it. Being in the dress and trying to show everyone where the hooks were was a nightmare! We had to delay dinner for ten minutes because no one could find the hidden buttons! I laugh now but at the time it was stressful for sure.“

Rebekah and Zack have so many incredible and vivid memories from their wedding day. However, one stood out:

“The day went by in such a flash that I feel like every moment was my favorite moment and then all of a sudden it was over! Haha but I think my favorite moment was walking into the winery and seeing everyone that we love, smiling and clapping. I felt so close to everyone and so loved.”

Rebekah and Zack’s advice for anyone planning a wedding in Buffalo, Western New York or anywhere!

“Don’t sweat the little things! No one will notice, including you. The day goes by so fast so it really doesn’t matter in the end.”

Thank you to you both for sharing such kind, genuine words about your experience working with Michelle Day Photography to document your wedding story. I feel words can’t really describe how grateful I am that we met and that I was able to be there to capture every moment of your best day yet. Cheers!

“She was so relaxed and didn’t make us feel stressed or rushed at all. She had a very sweet and calming personality that really put us both at ease and we were able to forget about everything else but us and celebrating our marriage for a few minutes while we focused on our portraits. She was just wonderful!!”

The all-star lineup of Buffalo and Western New York Wedding Professionals who made their day possible:

Venue: Quincy Cellars

DJ: DC Entertainment

Hair: Visions of Elegance Salon (Tracy McCormick)

Makeup: Danielle Sadler, Independent Mary Kay Consultant

Rebekah’s Dress: Heart to Heart Bridal

Zach’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Florist: Flowers by Anthony

Wedding Cake: The Cakery

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Amy + Mike | Pearl Street Grill and Brewery Buffalo Wedding

Where do I begin with these two?! Amy and Mike were referred my way by two good mutual friends (and the mutual friends didn’t know eachother!) Proof that it is a very small world! We met initially over Skype as they live out of state. But I think I speak for all of us when I say we had a good feeling this was a match meant to happen after that meeting. Genuine, funny, emotional, appreciative…I could keep going through the list of adjectives to accurately describe this couple and still be searching for more words because it’s just not enough. I knew in my heart their day was going to be one for the books and from start to finish, it was nothing short of incredible. From one moment to the next, the strong positive energy was undeniable. It was the kind of wedding that I come home from, drop my bags and take a breath and say to myself “damn, is this really my life and what I get to do everyday?!” The images we captured that day are so indicative of the feeling that truly existed. Bright, saturated, and charged with love and emotion. And that’s the whole point. I know sitting here, preparing this post to share with the world, that these images immediately and vividly take me back to that day. And I don’t the same rings true for Amy and Mike. From getting married in the church that Amy grew up in, paying respect to their upbringing to choosing an iconic and on it’s way to becoming a classic venue for their reception, their wedding was proof that there truly is no place like home.

How we met:

“At bar on Valentine's Day 2014. Here is our story from our wedding website... It was a cold Friday night that also just so happened to be Valentine's Day. Amy and her good friend Kaileen (who was visiting from Buffalo), ventured out to grab some drinks at Spider Kelly's, a popular bar in Arlington, Virginia. Amy noticed Mike as soon as he entered the bar and was quoted saying "ohhh he's cute". Shortly there after, one of Mike's more "outgoing" friends came over and initiated conversation with Amy and Kaileen. Before she knew it, Amy was talking to the cute boy in the striped shirt! Amy and Mike discovered that they were both from New York and had grown up 3 hours away from each other. As the conversation continued, they found they had many other things in common. Amy and Mike had their first official date the following weekend and as they say, the rest is history...”

How Mike proposed to Amy:

“At home on a random Saturday afternoon (November 5th 2016) Here is our story from our wedding website... It was a quiet Saturday afternoon, at their home in Springfield, Virginia. Today was the day Mike had planned to pop the big question. Mike had been preparing for this day for quite some time. His preparation included a handmade scrapbook. Upon Amy's arrival home from her favorite store, Target, she was summoned to the living room. As she sat down, Mike pointed out the scrapbook that was waiting for Amy on the coffee table. As she turned the pages, Amy admired all of Mike's hard work. She quickly began to wonder what the purpose of the scrapbook really was. On the last page of the scrapbook was a poem and a picture captioned "Say Yes". Amy was stunned as Mike knelt down to grab the ring that he had hid under the couch. Amy quickly said "yes" amidst her shock. The couple celebrated with dinner at the restaurant where they had enjoyed their first date and a night out on the town in Washington D.C.”

One of Amy’s most emotional moments of the day was captured above:

“Hugging my mom after she helped me get into my dress...we both just stood there completely in the moment and shear emotion took over. So many memories, so many things that led to this very moment..I'll never forget it. AND Walking down the aisle to my hubbie of course..I attempted to hold back tears but wasn't too successful. I felt calm and happy, which I'm sure was evident from my ear to ear grin.”

Amy and Mike shared the type of wedding they decided to plan and more importantly, why:

“We planned a traditional catholic wedding ceremony at St. Amelia Church. I (Amy) attended St. Amelia's School from Pre-K through 8th grade. My family has been apart of St. Amelia's Church for many years and it was important to me that we be married there. Both Mike and I were raised catholic and we wanted to honor our upbringings. Pearl Street Grill and Brewery (a Buffalo Staple) was a no brainer. I've always loved Pearl Street and the setting went perfectly with our rustic/romantic feel that we were going for. It also provided an out door space with a great view, which was something we were looking for. “

How Amy and Mike felt when they saw eachother for the first time on their wedding day:

Amy-”Overwhelmed with emotion... but a sense of calm and just pure joy.”

Mike-”Emotional, happy, attempting to hold back tears.”

What do you most look forward to being married to your spouse?

Amy-”Being on this journey with him, from the hills to the valleys and everything in between. I look forward to continuing to push one another to be the best people we can be. I can't wait to start a family together and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.”

Mike-”Starting a family .”

Wedding planning may have been their life for awhile but Amy and Mike have plenty of other interests and activities they like to do together of course!

“Netflix binging, playing with our lovable dog Cooper, going to the gym, attending/watching sporting events (Go Bills!) . Just the simple pleasures....discussing our days over dinner, going back and forth over who will take Cooper out in the rain, spending time with family and friends..the good stuff!”

What is your favorite thing about your husband?

“His easy going and kind nature. The fact that he pushes me/questions me to be better, regardless of the topic (work, relationships, the gym). The way he takes care of me and Cooper. The fact that he is a true partner. “

What is your favorite thing about your wife?

“Positive, loving, caring, and beautiful.”

Amy and Mike’s advice to any couples planning a wedding:

“Always remember the bigger picture...what the day is REALLY about (marrying your person) and it will help to keep things in perspective throughout the process.”

Thank you Amy and Mike for sharing these sweet words about your experience working with my studio to capture your wedding day!

“She fit right in with our crazy bunch!!! I didn't feel like Michelle was a photographer, but just another family member (with mad good skills!!). She was extremely easy going but firm when necessary aka family pictures!!! She knew what our vision was and went above and beyond to make it happen. Michelle checked in on us frequently and made sure we knew what do expect, throughout the day she even gave us a pep talk on how to "cut the cake", which I most definitely appreciated :-)”

The incredible lineup of Buffalo Professionals who made their day possible:

Venue: Pearl Street Grill & Brewery

DJ: H&H Entertainment

Cinematography: 17 Video Productions

Invitations: Minted

Hair: Hairbyalyssamarie (Alyssa Decaro)

Makeup-Hannah Cicciarelli

Amy’s Dress: Bridal Chateau (Designer: Morilee)

Mike’s Suit: Kenneth Cole

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Florist: Maureen’s

Cake and Dessert: Meghan Kordrupel