Erika + Russell | Buffalo Central Terminal Engagement Session

When I first made contact with Erika, it was all by email. They were living in Pittsburgh and planning an engagement session and looking for the perfect Buffalo photographer to capture the opening of their wedding story, their engagement. I believe you just KNOW when you find your people. I had this gut feeling that I was just meant to work with these two. And I wasn’t wrong. When we finally planned the date and the location, it was as if everything aligned perfectly. The locations, the light, the chemistry. We clicked as if we were old friends. Russell is big time into architecture so their dream was to be able to get into Central Terminal, an architectural icon and masterpiece in Buffalo. Well, it happened, and we had so much fun in the terminal and on the grounds. Erika is more the nature girl in their relationship. So we chose Times Beach for it’s tranquility and simplicity. And the light when we arrived there?! Incredible. The kind of light photographers drool over! I love this collection of images we captured. You can feel the love shine through and it’s my hope you truly FEEL the love and connection between them in every photo. Cheers!