Katie + Jeff | Avanti Mansion Wedding Buffalo

Every couple I had the opportunity to work with this past season was incredible and unique in their own way. They were without a doubt the people I was meant to work with. Compassionate, caring, transparent and most importantly fun-loving and filled with deep devotion to the people they call family. I remember when Katie and Jeff came in for their consultation. Our first meeting just felt so comfortable. Between Katie’s sweet personality and Jeff’s clear desire to bring laughter into any room, I knew we were going to make a great team. I know I speak for the three of us when I recall the resounding laughter we all shared during their engagement session when Jeff decided to hang upside down from a tree and kiss Katie like Spiderman (he made it clear to me he’s a HUGE Spiderman fan and that was definite proof!) Fast forward to their wedding day. From my time of arrival to the last dance, their wedding was filled with authentic love and connection, with fun and joy. We captured genuine smiles and tears, moments where Jeff nearly passed out that we all laughed about later. At the core of it all was the clarity that these two just belong. Together. It was an honor to document their wedding day and it brings me joy to share their unique love story right here. These two still had me laughing as I read some of their answers! I hope you have some laughs too but most importantly, that you feel a sense of warmth see ing that authentic, true love exists in our world!

How Katie and Jeff met:

“We met at at party in high school where Jeff threw up on me after having too much to drink! We reconnected after Jeff returned to Buffalo after 5 years in the Marine Corps . I had asked him to help me move into my apartment and he graciously said yes! We started dating shortly after we both healed from our minor injuries from moving the washing machine (I cut my finger and had to go to Urgent Care and Jeff complained of a back injury after I dropped the machine on him haha)”

How did Jeff propose?

“At an escape room! The ring was in the final clue and I really had no idea what was going on...I may have told Jeff to shut up as he was proposing because I thought he was cracking jokes as per usual!”

Describe the type of wedding you planned and why?

Small and intimate with family and close friends that we consider family. It was perfect

Katie recalls one of her favorite memories of their wedding day:

“Walking down the isle and seeing Jeff's reaction . He was so overcome with emotion and here I was nervous all the days leading up to it that he wouldn't even cry!”

Describe the thoughts/feelings when you saw your bride/groom for the first time on your wedding day:

“I could not hold in all my happiness and was trying to hold in my urge to sob! It further confirmed how perfect he is for me. I can't even put it into words!”

Katie and Jeff shared a laughable moment from their wedding day they will never forget:

“When everyone thought that Jeff was going to pass out!”

Describe your most emotional moment on your wedding day:

“Our first look and walking down the isle. It was everything I pictured it would be.”

What do you look forward to most in married life?

“Always having a partner every step of the way!”

How Katie and Jeff like to spend time together:

“We love to try new local bars/restaurants and explore this city with great food. We also love watching Big Brother every summer! Big commitment since it's 3 days a week but we never miss an episode!”

Jeff’s favorite thing about Katie:

“How she is always able to brighten my day, and that I know she is always in my corner. “

Katie’s favorite thing about Jeff:

“His big heart...he really makes me feel special. Also his energy! He is always willing to try new things.”

Katie and Jeff offered some words of advice for couples planning their wedding:

“Have the wedding that makes you and your spouse feel most comfortable.”

Katie and Jeff said the best part about working with Michelle Day Photography to capture their wedding day was that they can call me a friend. I feel the same you two! It was an incredible, intimate day filled with tears of joy and love that burst out of the room!

Venue: Avanti Mansion

Hair and Make up: Chez Ann Salon

Katie’s Dress: M.A. Carr

Jeff’s Suit: Express

Florist: Maureen’s

Cake/Dessert: Gullo’s Bakery

DJ: DJ Kenny (Avanti Mansion)

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