Welcoming Benjamin | Buffalo Newborn Photographers


When I was approached by our longtime friends to do their newborn photos, I answered back with one question: what type of photos are you looking for?  A newborn photographer I am NOT.  BUT a lifestyle photographer I AM. They simply wanted to capture this time in their life.  They were so in love with this tiny human they just brought into the world they didn't care as long as this time in their life was documented.  I approached them with an idea.  How about a documentary style newborn session?  No frills, no fancy backdrops.  Just the two of you and your sweet babe living REAL LIFE.  I want my photographs to document life as it happens, not life the way we think it should be. Diaper changes, snuggles, nursing and all.  Let's capture you at home, in your comfort zone, your safe place and the space you feel most close to.  They were on board instantly with no convincing.  Thus launched my documentary newborn sessions.  I arrived on a sunny, late afternoon in March to the Gerevics' home.  I remember it was the day before we departed on our family vacation for Florida.  The late afternoon sun was beaming into their home.  I walked in and was immediately greeted by Abby and Yogi, their two lovable dogs.  I made sure to give them some attention because I know how animals can be when a baby comes into what was once their domain!  Kaileen and Ryan were snuggling on the couch with Benjamin.  I immediately recognized that look.  I connected so strongly with the feeling of loving exhaustion I felt from them.  The "I'm so tired but he is just so awesome" feeling.  YES!  That one!  I immediately popped a lens on my camera and started shooting.  No expectations.  Just authentic moments between two people and the life they've created.  Watching friends we have known for a long time in this new role was especially touching.  These are the images I wish I had with my children.  The early days are so foggy, such a blur.  Life is moving so quickly and you're learning about eachother one step at a time.  I channeled that emotion and desire to go back in time to capture those early days for myself to create organically and spontaneously.  To capture the details I know I myself would have appreciated and in turn, give my clients the images I know they will look back on and be thankful for even only a couple years down the road.

This session was relaxed. Real. And filled with genuine joy and emotion.  It was the epitome of parenthood and what it's truly like to become parents.  The connection only a mother feels to her newborn baby.  The profoundly surreal feeling when you look at your child in the flesh and think to yourself "I cannot believe I created this and I cannot believe he's actually here, in my arms.  Perfect in every way imaginable." It was inspiring and brought me the connection I have been seekign ebtween my passion for empowered birth, motherhood and photography.  I know you will enjoy these images because they speak volumes of truth and love.