Buffalo wedding and portrait photographer

"Your wedding photos will continue to provide great joy for you and eventually your family for many years to come"

Hey there!  I'm Michelle Day.  Creative, mom, friend, wife, notorious for strange analogies that make people laugh, old soul, a lover of the Beatles (thanks to my dad!) and at my core somewhat of a closet hippie if you truly get to know me.  I believe in the unseen.  The ethereal type of love.  The type of love I feel for my children and family.  I am devot4ed to leading an authentic life, leading always with love first.  Feeling is a major part of who I am and what I do as is tangibility and legacy.  As a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer, I carry the belief with me that people are perfect as they are, now, in this moment in time.  Whether it's the overflowing  joy and gratitude you feel on the dance floor at your wedding as you sway to the music with your partner or the silly tickles and laughter we experience during a casual family portrait session or if you're like us, all three running in different directions when all we want is ONE good picture of everyone huddled together!), it's all a part of who you are at this time in your life.  And that is what I want to document and ultimately preserve for you.   After the last dance has played and the cake has been cut, very few items remain that can take you back to that day in your life when you were as free as can be and had not a care in the world.  Your wedding photos will continue to provide great joy for you and eventually your family for many years to come.  It's not something I take lightly.  Family is so, so important to me.  My children and family inspire me everyday.  I bring that gratitude and love I feel to the table with every couple I work with and pride myself on being there for my clients like family.  I can assure you will be provided an experience that is professional yet fun, warm, welcoming, and feels like home.  I can't wait to document your journey and tell your story the way it was meant to be told.


This is the start of something beautiful,